Thursday, January 27, 2011

Am i a secessonist?

I'm dead.It's already Friday and I haven't decided which influence that I'll side with.
Am i a secessionist? Or I'm a Loos fan?
I do love the principles of design and the limitless design exploration. From my reading, it is stated that the Vienna Secession was inspired by the Art Nouveau in France. So, that's why all the paintings were shocking because they were new arts. I treasure ornaments and I do not think of them as crimes. Do they? Who am I to critic Loos?
On Vienna Secession, it was formed back in 1897, and the first chairman was Gustav Klimt. And the pure intentions of the movement were they were passionate to breakthrough the conventional art at that time as they wanted to instill more abstract in their painting(mostly) and they repels historical references as maybe they wanted to be different.

Portrait of Eugenia Primavesi(1912) Portrait of Johanna Staude (unfinished)1917-18

Portrait of a Woman (Ria Munk)

All these paintings were produced by Gustav Klimt. I do not know how to read paintings but my naked eyes could tell how Klimt repels the historical references. He wished to separate the previous art from the Secession art. Vibrancy, unconventional, flamboyant and bold. These were the impression when I first looked at the paintings. Klimt did not afraid to used the colour, the manipulate the material embedded on the paintings and to explore the women figure. I can conclude that his works were emphasizing on symbolist style. Some people said the Secession focused on naturalist and realist. I am in no position to counter that, thus you can do your own judgment. Another interesting facts on Klimt was his passion for women and enjoy the pleasure of been around with women. Many models were ended up to get pregnant by him. Wicked? Indeed.But all the models felt ease around him, clothed or unclothed, they wondered around the studio and let him to paint them. I guess Klimt was lucky, right?

Vienna K├╝nstlerhaus (1865) Vienna Secession (1897)

From the above images, these buildings were built between 1865 and 1897. in 1865, the Vienna Kunstlerhause was an exhibition building, built by the Austrian Artist's Society. The next building was built by the Vienna Secessionists. From here, we could see the distinctive difference between the aesthetics form of the buildings and the excessive ornaments usage at the dome of the Vienna Secession building. I can conclude that, the right building is more aesthetically pleasing and it fits the function, to exhibit great art.

Too much information on the Secessionist, I should have already related the design practice with the movement that is more suitable with my field.
Well, can i just assume? Can i be whimsical?

Ikea bowl with intricate floral design

Boring ceramic fruit bowl

As a produc
t designer, the design of the bowl incorporates the intricate design of floral motifs and you can name it new when the ornament plays the function, which is to place fruits. As Mdm. Suzy wanted us to relate my practice field with the either two ideologies. I agreed that my design philosophy suits the Secessionist. Loos is famed for his anti-ornament and he believed that workers should not waste time on doing something not useful. The right image might be reflecting the Loos ideology which repels ornaments and, indeed. It is boring. I guess that's for now.
and Yes. I'm with the Secessionist.

Till then, later.


  1. secessionist or sexynist!!!hahahaa

  2. hahaha.u're a Loos people.go away.

  3. ooo..Loos became Secessionist! good choice babe! haha

  4. Hahahaha.So, when will you become the Loos?haha

  5. in your opinion, which is the priority....aesthetic value or function....
    currently the user easily attracted by aesthetic value rather than function...
    if there have a function but less of aesthetic value still cannot attract the user to by the product....hehehehe....

  6. ni interview utk thesis ke?haha.for me,i will always go for decorative form for products but i love sleek furniture so i'll go for simpler design for i answering ur question?