Monday, April 30, 2012


tepu sama manusia
tepu sama kejadian
tepu sama emosi
tepu sama cinta
tepu sama cuaca
tepu sama permasalahan
tepu sama kata-kata
tepu sama kecacatan
tepu sama warna
tepu sama semuanya
aku tepu dengan dunia
fahamkan bila aku kata aku tepu dengan kau.terutamanya.
serius aku tepu.
tak dapat lagi nak faham kau
tak mampu lagi nak terima kau
tak boleh lagi nak hadap kau
semua jadi tepu sebab kau.
sebab kau course outline.
sbb kau.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

don't die on me,torrent

Currently,I'm into this download thingy.I have downloaded few movies through torrent. haha.yes!torrent gave me happiness.hurrah!I couldn't stop smiling for torrent has completed me.but today, when I open up my torrent, the connection for the bandwidth wtv technical errors occurred and I can't download movies anymore.
right now, I am so devastated.feeling unhappy and empty again.Ala.


staircases to heaven

Everyday, my colleague, Shiba and I will climb up the staircases that are so not proportionate and tiring. Very tiring rasa nak pengsan. and we have tried few methods to reduce our exhaustion.

i) hold our breath while climbing up the staircases and sip another few breath at the mezzanine floor.
ii) hold your tongue while climbing up the staircases too. dont talk.
iii) laughing is hazard while climbing the staircase and can lead to death.seriously. I've felt it. almost died of exhaustion.
iv) try to think of something else rather than thinking the tiredness. sometime, i'll think of the food that we're going to have for breakfast. it didnt help much,really.
v) hopeful for elevator/lift/escalator will be built at our faculty.

To conclude, we hate staircases.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


everyday,I wake up at 6.01 (this is real) and I will sit,wait for azaan and walk to the bathroom unsteadily and take my wudhu and pray.and.I'll play my phone games.bejewelled deluxe.haha.and then I'll wait till 7 and ill bathe.and 740,I'll heat up the car and drive to work.and i got back from work around 7, and Ill wait for maghrib and pray and do some mengaji and wait till Isya' and then, Ill check my wardrobe for tomorrow.Next,I'll read my bedtime story book, right now I'm into religious book.and then, I'll sleep. And the next day, the cycle starts again.God. Am I that old?My life is very monotonous, uniformed, colourless and dull.I don't rock anymore.I don't do younger stuff anymore.seriously, is this how 60 all about?I'm neither depressed nor contented.I'm just plain and empty.
I can't feel a thing. Boredom creates a nonfluctuating me.Am I dying?

p/s:mom said, that's a sign to get married.dang!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

conversation with mama

as i am so farawaaaaaaaaaay from home,sometimes mum will call me.rindu lah kot.

mum:what are u doing?
mum:guess what.i cook your favorite food today.
mum:hati goreng kunyit.terliur x? hana yazmeen and i dont eat hati.
mum:eh hana lah.mama ingat fifi.haha.sorry.okay bye.
me:what tha?

the moral is,to mama,i love u but this is not the first time u forget that I DESPISE INTERNAL ORGANS.

lecturers love early birds.

i'm teaching degree students in one local IPTAs from fundamental to final year and today, i teach design drawing. due to my imbalance hormonal change,for the first time,i snap to the latecomers, for being tardy and they didn't submit their works.
"better never than late. if u know that u're going to be late, u'd better dont show up at all." i told them.
screw is hard to teach technical drawing in 2 hours and it is harder if students start to show up by phase and i have to repeat what I have taught earlier. am i right?well,i'm not that garang usually but sometimes, they are really testing my hypertension parameter.
so,students,come early.lecturers love early birds.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

nah!i'm back.

hi.i'm a government servant.
my days are monotonous and i feel like writing.
history is my greatest passion but in the next post,i'll blab on unintellectual stuff.

my workplace.