Sunday, April 29, 2012

staircases to heaven

Everyday, my colleague, Shiba and I will climb up the staircases that are so not proportionate and tiring. Very tiring rasa nak pengsan. and we have tried few methods to reduce our exhaustion.

i) hold our breath while climbing up the staircases and sip another few breath at the mezzanine floor.
ii) hold your tongue while climbing up the staircases too. dont talk.
iii) laughing is hazard while climbing the staircase and can lead to death.seriously. I've felt it. almost died of exhaustion.
iv) try to think of something else rather than thinking the tiredness. sometime, i'll think of the food that we're going to have for breakfast. it didnt help much,really.
v) hopeful for elevator/lift/escalator will be built at our faculty.

To conclude, we hate staircases.

1 comment:

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