Sunday, April 22, 2012


everyday,I wake up at 6.01 (this is real) and I will sit,wait for azaan and walk to the bathroom unsteadily and take my wudhu and pray.and.I'll play my phone games.bejewelled deluxe.haha.and then I'll wait till 7 and ill bathe.and 740,I'll heat up the car and drive to work.and i got back from work around 7, and Ill wait for maghrib and pray and do some mengaji and wait till Isya' and then, Ill check my wardrobe for tomorrow.Next,I'll read my bedtime story book, right now I'm into religious book.and then, I'll sleep. And the next day, the cycle starts again.God. Am I that old?My life is very monotonous, uniformed, colourless and dull.I don't rock anymore.I don't do younger stuff anymore.seriously, is this how 60 all about?I'm neither depressed nor contented.I'm just plain and empty.
I can't feel a thing. Boredom creates a nonfluctuating me.Am I dying?

p/s:mom said, that's a sign to get married.dang!

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