Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rene Descartes

The thoughts that were clouding up when Mdm. Suzy sounded the great name were jumbled up in my little brain. How on earth this long curly hair man can come out with something head-turning such that?
I googled about him...and still googling as I'm afraid that I would miss his other great contributions.Man,he invented the Cartesian. How brainy is that? And...I ended up meeting another great guy named. Denis Diderot. Believe it or not,he was one of the contributor to the Encyclopedia.
Here is the link for your additional reading.

"Only passions, great passions can elevate the soul to great things."
Denis Diderot

p/s:many thanks to Mdm Suzy for inspiring me to own this historical based blog. Would be one of my proudest achievements

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